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Cheltenham Festival 2017

Four dark horses for Cheltenham 2017

Are you counting down the days? Crossing off the boxes on your calendar as you wait in eager anticipation for the start of horse racing’s most exciting, enthralling, and exalting event? Yes I am talking about the Cheltenham Festival and with one week until the first hooves pound the Gloucestershire turf, you really should be starting to put some thought into your game plan when it comes to your Cheltenham betting offers.

Why not take advantage of some great free bets offered by the most reputable, most respected, and most well-known names in betting? Even better, if you read on, we will give you four of our “under the radar” titbits to help you put your pennies on a winner.

We all know who the favourites are, the top picks, the well-known names on the block- Altior and the infamous Douvan but I don’t know about you, but I always love an underdog and trust me that this year, it is not about placing your money on the safe bets. With a selection of 28 races to choose from and a large number of valiant steeds to be inspired by, we have narrowed it down to four of the darkest horses for you to take a risk on this year.

  1. Starchitect
    An interesting horse due to coming from the same background as the famous Doctor Harper, he has performed well over the last couple of years and have proven that this horse has an appetite to win and that this year, could well be the year for their race to glory.

  2. Mister Miyagi
    An enjoyer of dry, firm ground and trained by Dan Skelton, it is expected that his famous coach will get the best from him this year. Finishing in good positions over the last few years in all the big races, the time is due for this horse to have a moment to shine.

  3. Doctor Harper
    A well-known racer with an up and down past, he is definitely one to watch. Having matured over the last few seasons and having reached his peak age, all eyes are on him this year and it is hoped that getting into an early groove and holding the course fear free will stand him in good stead for a high finish this year.

  4. Willoughby Court
    A horse with high credentials and an attitude to match, he is graded at a similar level to this year’s favourites but due to a lack of experience after only running seven times. This year it is hoped that he could show a marked improvement resulting in a win. If not, he is sure to be one to watch in the future.

These are our insider tips on the four horses to keep your eye on during this year’s Cheltenham Festival and we wish you the best of luck for what is sure to be a nail-biting event!



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