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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I get my hotel listed on your pages or the current information changed?
  2. Why should I pay you to have a site designed when there are so many FREE do it yourself applications?
  3. Why do you include the Maintenance fees in the annual charge?
  4. What is a domain name ?
  5. What is a web host ?
  6. What is banner free hosting ?
  7. What is data transfer?
  8. How can I get FREE hosting ?
  9. What are the hidden charges ?
  10. What do I need to give to Show Horse Promotions to start my web site ?
  11. How long will it take to get my domain name ?
  12. How long will it take for Show Horse Promotions to complete my web site ?
  13. When do I complete payment ?
  14. Can I make changes after the site is published ?
  15. Can I somehow preview my web site before you publish it to the WWW ?
  16. What is included in the maintenance time in web design ?
  17. Who owns the Domain name ?
  18. What is a server ?
  19. What is Domain Parking ?
  20. How long do I own the Domain name ?
  21. What do I get for my money ?
  22. Can I have a shopping cart?
  23. Can I have a Guest Book?
  24. Can I have videos on my website?


How do I get my hotel listed or the current information changed?

One way is to call the number listed at the left or to fax the changes to the number at the left.  Hotels that are listed in text are free of charge IF they are within 10-15 miles of an arena.  If they are not within this distance then, there is a charge for the listing.  People attending an event with their horses will stay as close as possible to their horses.  Another way is to fill out one of the forms on this site listing your changes in the comments section.  

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Why should I pay you to have a site designed when there are so many do it yourself applications?

Most do-it-yourself sites end up looking non-professional.  The graphics are not customized for you and you have to choose the color scheme they have to offer.  It appears very easy on the surface, but few people realize that the characteristics of web browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, AOL) are all different and see things differently.  A beautiful green in your monitor may turn out to be putrid green on my monitor. There are a select few colors that are considered to be 'web safe colors' - they are viewed basically the same by all monitors/browsers/computers.  The same goes for the fonts; you may have found the most beautiful font in the world and do your site in it, but unless THAT font is actually installed on MY computer then it isn't visible to me.  My browser goes out and picks what it considers to be a close representation of that font to display.  Sometimes you just get what you pay for, even tho I've seen many good sites that were created this way.

You are also paying me for my knowledge in coding your pages for search engine optimization and reducing your graphics to reduce the load times of your pages. 

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Why do you include the maintenance fees in annual hosting fee?

Sites that are updated on a regular basis get more traffic and better search engine status.  The fee was included to give you the initiative to keep your site updated and to provide a reasonable fee for those people that ask for a lot of work on their sites.

What is a domain name ?

A domain name is a fancy term for the dot.com, dot.net, dot.org name that someone types into the address line of the browser to get to your site.  It is the name of your Web Site.  Some Internet Service Providers provide free space for you to publish a web site.  This space can be anywhere from 1MB up. The name (address) that you have to type into the browser to get to these sites can be very cumbersome and hard to remember.  There is a lot to be said about getting your our www domain name.  This www name will never change even though you may move your site to another server at a later date.  If you change ISPs and use their free space, your name will change EVERY time you change ISPs.  Thus you will have to re-promote your site and change all the links.

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What is a web host ?

A web host is a server (or group of servers) that maintain a constant connection with the Internet and make your site available to the world.  These hosts keep a copy of all the files that make up your web site and 'serve' them up to browsers on demand. They usually have technical support departments that help you with problems encountered on your web space.  Of course, hosts of free web space do not usually provide as much help as providers that charge for the space.  BUT, this varies greatly amongst the providers.

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What is banner free hosting ?

This is usually web space that you pay to use.  Depending on the host and the services needed you will pay upwards of $10 per month for this space.  If you pay annually, this fee could be lower.  If you require the use of a cgi-bin or secured sockets layer (SSL), you must pay for these services.  SSL is the layer used when you must transfer information that will be encrypted - such as your credit card number or passwords to secure information.

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What is data transfer?

Data transfer or bandwidth is the amount of electronic data transfer from one computer to another. Each and every time your page is loaded, you are using bandwidth from your site's server.  The smaller your graphics the less data transfer is used up.

How can I get FREE hosting?

Free hosting for your web site can be provided for you if you don't mind banners or pop-ups inserted into your web site.  The banners are advertisements for other companies placed in the upper pixels of your web pages or pop-ups that refresh every two minutes.  You can start off with free hosting and later pay to have the banners removed.  With our package deal, we will pay for the first year of banner removal; after that our package deal will pay for the banner removal and your web site maintenance.

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What are the hidden charges?

There are no hidden charges.  We inform you of every charge and give you options.

What do I need to give to Show Horse Promotions to start my web site?

The first thing that we require before we start on your web site is an $80 - $150 NON-REFUNDABLE payment.  This is payment for your domain name and the server space that we will procure for you. 
We would also need the information, graphics, and photos that you want to appear on your site.  We will guide you thru a list of questions and offer you several suggestions to display your information.  The more information that you supply to us, the better job we can do with your site.

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How long will it take to get my domain name?

This process can take up to two weeks from the purchase of the name to the availability of the name to the public.  Your host will issue you an IP address (a number) that will be assigned to the name that you purchase.  When someone types in this name, the servers translate this name into its number and you are transported to your web site.  These DNS servers update on a time schedule and these updates have to take place before your name is available.

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How long will it take for Show Horse Promotions to complete my web site?

This largely depends on you.  How quick can you get us the information that you wish displayed? The more you have ready, the quicker we can put together the html code that is needed to create your site.  The larger the site, the longer it will take to complete it.  But we can publish these pages for previewing so you have plenty of time to see what the completed site will look like.  We will also put an index page out for the public to view that will have your contact information and part of what will be included in your site  - There will be NO "Under Construction" signs as we firmly believe that all good sites are always Under Construction and the "Under Construction" signs do not (in our opinion) look professional and nowadays most search engines shun sites that have these pages.

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When do I complete payment?

Payment for your domain name (if you choose to have a www.yourname.com site) must be made at the time (or prior to) the name purchase.  We require you to make a non-refundable deposit prior to starting on the website and complete payment is required on or just after the website is published. 

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Can I make changes after the site is published? 

We encourage you to make changes to the site after it is published to keep the information current and up to date for the viewers. We offer a web hosting package with the year's free maintenance to accomplish these changes.   After this first year there is a reasonable annual charge including server fees and update fees.

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Can I somehow preview my web site before you publish it to the WWW?

We will publish your site to a private web space for your viewing before we place  the site on your domain host.  You can see how your site will look and make decisions for changes.  This preview site will be published without meta tags and the search engines will be instructed not to spider the site.  Meta tags will be inserted before the site is published to your host site.  This preview site remains active for around one week.

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What is included in the maintenance time in web design?

Maintenance may include the resubmission to search engines, and web page changes and updates that are needed, graphic or color changes, redesign of a logo, creation of a banner, and things like this.  After the initial FREE maintenance period, time will be charged at $25 per hour with a minimum charge of $15 per update.  Or you can get the domain hosting with the free year's maintenance.  

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Who owns the Domain name?

If we purchase the name for you (and we prefer to do this), it will be purchased in YOUR NAME using your address. You will own this name and you will be responsible for paying the future payments to keep this name for your use. We set ourselves up as the administrators and technical advisor for the domain.  If you move the site, this would be changed to the person of your choosing.

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What is a server?

A server is a computer or group of computers that maintain a permanent constant connection that is open to the public to the World Wide Web.  These servers 'serve' up files for your browser to view.  A reliable server will be 'online' around 98% of the time.  Anytime this server is down - the public will not be able to access your web site.

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What is Domain Parking?

Before you can purchase a domain name you must have a place designated to hold your files.  A domain name is translated by the servers to an address written in octets, called an IP address.  When you purchase your name, some sites will allow you to 'park' your site there until you have a server that is willing to host your files.

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How long do I own the Domain name?

The initial purchase of your domain name is usually for 2 yrs.  After that you can purchase this name in increments from 1 yr to 10 yrs.  You will own the name for as long as you continue to make these purchases.  Once you fail to repurchase this name, someone else has the right to use the name.

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What do I get for my money?

You will get a web site designed to load quickly and be viewable in the majority of web browsers that are currently being used on the web today.  We design our web sites to be professional using very little animation.  We want people to visit your site, stay a while, come back and tell their friends.  We are as proud of your web site as you are and want it to represent our abilities.  We will use JavaScript, DHTML, Java, CGI - all depending on your needs.  We are currently adding videos to specific sites that are in FLASH.

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Can I have a shopping cart?

Yes, we can set up several different types of shopping carts for your site.  PayPal is an excellent choice for this and there can be single purchase items or a shopping cart built around your needs.  The shopping cart inclusion is priced on an individual basis.  Contact us for a quote.

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Can I have a Guest Book?

Yes, you can - but we prefer to use one that will NOT list the email addresses of those that leave comments.  If you want to start a mailing list, we will set up a secure mailing list signup for any newsletters that you wish to send or any special announcements.  Listing email addresses on the web causes those addresses to be receivers of tons of SPAM, since there are Robots that search every page of the internet looking for email addresses.  These addresses are then sold.

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Can I have videos on my site?

Yes, but we need to know this prior to purchasing the web space for your site, as this is more expensive and we charge more for encoding the videos.

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All rights reserved
Revised: October 27, 2011


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