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Stolen Horse International, Inc. (SHI) brings attention to a major crime against horse lovers, horse theft. The mission of Stolen Horse International, Inc. is to provide a comprehensive theft awareness program to all facets of the horse industry and offer educational opportunities for horse enthusiasts of all types and across all disciplines. SHI’s goals are: 

1. To establish a global resource to aid in the search for:

Missing horses
Stolen horses
Stolen tack
Stolen trailers
Owners of found horses

2. To promote increased involvement through equestrian organizations.

3. To build an international network, NetPosse, to disseminate images and information missing and stolen horses through the Idaho Alerts system.

4. To provide education opportunities to improve public awareness on horse theft and identification methods through seminars, presentations and exhibits.

5. To provide resources and information to the law enforcement community.

"Never underestimate the power of one!"

Stolen Horse International, Inc. recently gained 501(c)(3) status, making donations to the seven-year-old horse-theft-recovery network tax deductible. Horse enthusiasts can donate online through PayPal or send money to: 

PO Box 1341
Shelby, NC 28151


Board Members
Law Enforcement Board of Advisors
Board of Advisors
Connie Dedmon Monica Gase-Detective Retired Angela Kirby
Connie Walker Herb Boykin-Livestock Investigator Wouter Hartog
Kelly Gibson Steve McBride-Livestock Investigator Kristi Bel
Robert Jordon-Livestock Theft Investigator
Jay Gregory-Detective Retired
Maryanne Cheaves-Livestock Investigator




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