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Make Money With Horses
By Don Blazer

You are what you choose to be. You are where you are today because of the choices you made yesterday. There is no point in blaming others for what you may perceive as your failures. There is no point in giving credit to someone else for your successes. You are responsible for yourself.

Life is too often lived as the perception of what others suggest it should be. And when a person lives a life as others would have it, that person never takes chances.
Change that! Take a chance on being yourself. Pursue your dreams, make your own decisions and stop “playing it safe.”

What is your dream—to have a horse business? Okay, start one. And when you discover you’ve made a mistake or two, rejoice; you are on an upward learning curve, you are getting better. You now have experience to guide you with your next decision.
Mistakes are good! Embrace mistakes, they lead to success. Mistakes are positive teachers, not failure. There are only two failures—those who don’t try and those who quit.

Decide what it is you love so passionately (and there is something) you can’t think of any other kind of work you would rather do.  Now get started doing it, for it is you. Take the first step, even though there are thousands of great excuses and rationalizations, peer pressures and responsibilities.

You can choose to take a chance and still satisfy your responsibilities; it just may not be a rose garden. Who you will be and where you will be tomorrow depend on your determination and choices today. Stop playing it safe! You have to make choices, and choosing to have what you want always involves chance.

Buy a horse, buy some acreage, buy a store, board a horse. Take some action. Get started. You may have to crawl even after you learn to run…but you will be starting to live your life.

Choose to play it safe, choose security and you’ll never realize your potential, you’ll never know yourself. But you will know failure—for you will not have tried and you will have quit before you started.

Visit www.donblazer.com  to Make Money With Horses

Make Money With Horses
By Don Blazer

Last year, for the first time, the graduates in highest demand were “vocational school graduates”, not college graduates.

The most sought after graduates are auto mechanics, computer repair experts and computer program maintenance personnel. What does that mean if you have a horse business? It means “a specialist with specific knowledge” is going to be more successful in the future than a generalist.

It means the ranch that advertises: lessons, training, boarding and sales is on the path to mediocrity and will limp along financially.

It means you are going to be in higher demand if you are an expert in one field rather than a “jack of all trades.” It means if you want to boost your income, first boost your knowledge about one facet of the horse industry—know that you know what you know. Be a specialist and know more than any other specialist about your subject.

Self-employment experts Paul and Sarah Edwards report that a “lack of focus makes it harder to generate a steady flow of well paying clients.” According to Paul and Sarah the first thing “multi-service” entrepreneurs do is “reduce prices.” When you know what you know and clients see you as an expert, they expect and are willing to pay a premium for your services. Economist/lecturer Barry Asmus says combine focus with knowledge to create wealth.

Asmus says, “Schooling will be transformed because of competition—parents will have a choice; students will be empowered. The educational hierarchy is becoming obsolete as government schools are toppled by market alternatives.” Check out www.horsecoursesonline.com  to see what “new school” is all about.

What kills the focus?

Fear of failure, not wanting to miss an opportunity for income, multiple interests, thinking in general terms instead of specifics.

Be the best at the one thing you focus on. Don’t “train horses”, train winning jumpers. Don’t sell horses, sell “champions.” Don’t give riding lessons, “create superior riders in competitive trail.”  Trying to be “everything for everyone” is today’s formula for failure.

For horse business tips, visit www.donblazer.com 


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