Recipe for Liver  Training Treats

  • Sliced liver (can usually be found in the frozen food section of your grocery store)
  • Garlic salt

Slightly thaw the frozen sliced liver.  Heat oven to 400.  Lay the slices of liver down on a baking sheet.  Cover the liver slices liberally with Garlic salt.  Place in oven for ~8 minutes, turn, cover this side with Garlic salt; bake another 5-8 minutes (until done - don't overcook).  Let cool slightly and cut into very small bite size pieces.  [About the size of the small brown graphic on this page].  Place treats in a zip lock bag and freeze until you are ready to use.

My dogs start doing all kinds of tricks and obedience moves when I put these into the oven.  I start a puppy's training by giving them a treat for every move I ask them to do (when they do it correctly).  Then advance to asking for 2 moves for one treat.  Then increasing it to an entire routine before the treat.  I will work a group of dogs and give the dog obeying the command FIRST the treat.  It is surprising how quickly they learn that only the fastest gets the treat.  Mix it up so they will all get a treat as a reward.

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